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Friday, May 25, 2018
Out With The Old And In With The New
By BOB NEFF/Director, Higher Degrees

As we close out one fiscal year and begin with a New Year – we say thanks to the past board and welcome the new one. We should do this even if many of them are the same people –some of them are in new positions and will have new responsibilities.

With those responsibilities are new challenges and new opportunities. Each officer/director has specific duties. Collectively they need to work harmoniously as a team for the mutual overall good of the fraternal unit.

Remember that the majority rules. At meetings all present have one voice and one vote. But when the dust settles and the meeting is over, all need to stand as one, working toward the mission and goals at-hand. Much more can be accomplished by working together.

Ask any sports team such as a NASCAR race team. The driver plays an important and key role, but the pit crew must work together efficiently or the team’s chances for success are greatly lessened. Like that good pit crew supporting their cause, we must work in sync and support each other to achieve our philanthropic goals.

Like the parts on that racecar which must all work together to get the maximum performance from it, the team must be cohesive to achieve positive outcomes. No one part or person finds the finish line on their own. The best teams do not operate as dictatorial bosses but rather as mentors and leaders to bring all the components together working toward the goal.

The driver drives the car while taking input from the crew on saving fuel or changing tires. The crew chief strategizes with input from others to give guidance and help in making critical decisions. Ultimately, however, the winning execution is done by the entire team throughout the race.

Our fraternal units are not so different from racecar teams. Our best success stories come from fraternal units whose entire team of committees and elected leaders work together. Success comes from units where the whole is deemed more important than any of the parts and all the parts are working for the whole.

That reminds me of the Three Musketeers’ saying: “All for one and one for all!” Following that philosophy could make tremendous improvements to the mission of our program. Have a super 2018-2019 year!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Brothers and Co-Workers,

First, I apologize to our audit team member Mike Herrera for giving him a new last name in the last Announcer. Secondly, I’d like to congratulate Teresa on finding the “Pot of Gold” left by the Leprechaun King and we appreciate all the help in rounding up the wee ones at our St. Patty’s Day Party. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, you missed a really great time. At one point in the evening, the Leprechaun King (Governor Joe) came out and danced a jig for us.
It’s hard to believe just how far we’ve come. Just less than a year ago, we were losing money on a monthly basis, bills were stacking up and things just didn’t look good. But under the leadership of Governor Joe and the Board of Officers, help from the Women of the Moose and the bookkeeping skills of Malinda Deniz, we’ve gotten out of all that. We’re no longer losing money, the bills are caught up and being paid on time, we’re purchasing a building, improvements are coming along and our membership is increasing. Look at all the fun and tasty events we’re having. The only thing we’re missing now are the children. Come out, come out wherever you are. I couldn’t be more proud of all of you. Thank you for putting the “Family” in our Family Center. Thank you for supporting this Fraternal unit with your volunteering, donations and continued membership.
A big thank you to our anonymous donors. One donated $50 towards postage on the newsletters. Another donated a new water heater. The old one went out and we were heating water on the stove top for a while. And one donor gives $300 every month. Thank you all! If you would like to help out around the Lodge, check out our “To Do List” on page 5.
Back on March 22-25th, Governor Joe and I attended the California/Nevada Mid-Year Conference in Reno, NV. There was a lot of great information given out and we reported it at our April 5th General Meeting. They’ll be a change to our insurance policy that we get through Moose International. It seems there’s a lot of lawsuits brought onto Moose Lodges by it’s own members. Did you know that 60% of Lodge claims frequency is driven by members? Did you know that 40% of claims $$$ are from member claims? What does this mean? Our own family members file a claim/sue their own Lodge. Can you imagine our own spouse/child that resides in your home suing you? As a result, there was one primary change to restructure the policy by naming members as additional insureds; this is similar to all other Fraternal Organizations. By doing this, Moose International was able to pass on a 12% reduction in assessment to all lodges.
Several years ago, the international campaign was “Back to Basics”. It appears that’s where we’re heading with new requirements for the Premier Lodge Award. Each Lodge will be required to have a bi-monthly enrollment or orientation (or combination) in order to be eligible. We were also asked to bring back love and compassion; taking care of our sick and elderly and reaching out to those who have lost a family member. I believe Downey is already off to a good start on that request. We are definitely a Family Center!

Ben Pendleton
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