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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
The Moose Fraternity, like all other non-profit organizations, depends on its members to volunteer in order for it to survive.  Remember the words  of James J. Davis, “For a burden heavy to one, is borne lightly by many.”  The Downey Moose Family Center is in need of volunteers.  Too many “burdens” are being carried by too few of our members.  

With Sr. Regent Jeanne Bay moving to Ventura, we have yet another void to fill besides the obvious one for the Downey Chapter of the Women of the Moose.  Jeanne used to run the cash register every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for meals, plus call bingo on Tuesday nights.  So now, what do we do?  You can’t expect those who are already volunteering to pick up those responsibilities as well.  It would be very fraternal to have some members step-up to assist at our Moose home.  Additionally, Wendell and Geneva have been working the bingo table on Friday nights for about  a year now, and they’d appreciate a break every now and then.  For the bingo players, maybe some could take a turn calling and/or working the table?  Remember, the table workers can also play bingo.  If you were to help-out your Moose Lodge by calling bingo, that means you’d only be missing a single bingo game every several months.  We know the kitchen crew would like a break every now and then, also.  Joe and Bonnie have been coming down on Thursday mornings and cleaning our Moose Lodge and they’d appreciate every bit of help that you can give.  The smallest of things can really help us all out; from filling the salt and pepper shakers, rolling the knives and forks in napkins, wiping down the tables, and anywhere else you feel that you can support

The Downey Moose Family Center belongs equally to all of us and we should all do our fair share to insure the success of our Downey Moose Family Center.  Let’s all share the “burden”.  For all of those who are already stepping-up and volunteering, we offer a great big  THANK YOU for caring, supporting, and being fraternal.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Brothers and Co-Workers,

Wow, has this Summer been hard on the Lodge. The electric bill for July was just over $1,700.00. And as the writing of this article, we still have a month and a half to go. And if you hadn’t heard, our walk-in cooler went out. When it rains, it pours. So in order to offset this, we’re having three fundraisers. The first is another Building Fund Raffle, to assist with our monthly mortgage payments. The second is a Pancake Breakfast. This is to help offset the cost of the electric bill. And the third is a Pala Casino Bus Trip, to assist with Lodge operations. We hope each and every one of you will participate. We’ve also submitted an application for a grant from Moose International. The purpose of the grant is for ceiling fans for the Hall. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes through.
Just recently, we hosted Southern California Moose Legion 6’s Celebration. Not only was it an elevation of three brothers to the Degree of Service, but we celebrated Brother Joe Kindberg’s elevation to the Fellowship Degree, honored Pilgrim Harry “Mr. B” Began and celebrated 100 years of service and leadership of our jurisdiction. We had a great crowd, followed by a great meal. Thanks to everyone involved in making it a great event.
I wish to congratulate the women on an outstanding job they did with the Luau. It would have been nice to see more people in attendance. I don’t know of anywhere where you can spend $12.00 and get an “all you can eat buffet” and a show of Polynesian Dancers. For those of you who missed it, you missed a GREAT time!
With the coming of September, also comes football season. Come down and join us for the 4F’s: fun, fellowship, food and football. And for Monday Night Football, we’ll be having nachos, hot dogs, buffalo wings and more. And for those of you who don’t care for football, we’ll still be having our Game Night. And let’s not forget, we’ll be having some drink specials.

Ben Pendleton

There's no "I" in Team, but there is a "U" in Volunteers!
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