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Friday, December 21, 2018
Why Do We Ask You To Show Your Membership Card?
I have walked into many, many Moose lodges during my years as a member. Every time, I have been proud to reach into my wallet as I entered, to fulfill the requirement of displaying my Moose membership card.

Even though showing a Moose membership card every time a member enters a lodge or makes a purchase says many positive things about a person, I know that this requirement has been a big point of irritation among many Moose. “Fifteen years I’ve been a member here; why in the world should I have to show my card every time I walk in the door?”

Consider this scenario: You walk into your lodge’s Social Quarters on a busy Friday afternoon, the door opened for you by a polite smiling younger man you don’t quite recognize. Inside the lodge, the server, recognizing you - and knowing how much it irritates you - decides not to ask for your card. You request and receive a beer. Then, not wanting to offend the young man who held the door for you who is now standing next to you, the server also draws a beer for him without asking for a card.

Then, at the next month’s lodge meeting, this nightmare: you Administrator’s trembling hand holds an invoice for more than $90,000 in back federal income taxes, interest, penalties and fees. The invoice has been presented to him that day by that same pleasant young man you stood next to at the bar that Friday afternoon! He was the regional IRS agent - and you had been right there when he witnessed the lodge operating as a public accommodation!

This scenario has actually happened to more than one Moose lodge. Their officers and longtime members didn’t want to be “bothered” with having to show their membership cards and subsequently paid a substantial price.

Let’s put the IRS and the income tax issue aside for a moment. Fraternal lodges such as ours enjoy special rights as a private organization, including the right to choose who will associate with us. This does NOT mean we afford ourselves the right to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, etc. in choosing our members.

However, we lose all the rights that a private organization enjoys, if we don’t conduct ourselves as a private organization! We cannot have it both ways. When a lodge chooses not to check membership cards, and essentially opens itself up to the public (with the exception of approved Community Service activities), that lodge puts itself and the entire Fraternity at risk of losing its right to operate under our won rules, and losing the right to choose our own members.

Showing your card may be a slight inconvenience, but it is worth it to protect our Mooseheart kids and Moosehaven seniors entrusted to our care.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Dear Brothers and Co-Workers,

First off, I’d like to extend a BIG thank you to Brother Wendall for all the work he’s been doing at the Lodge. It’s great to have such a “handyman” around. We also need to thank our Governor Joe for coming in and cleaning the Lodge once a week. Thank you. He would appreciate any help he could get. I’d also like to thank Brother Lyndal for stepping up and cooking eggs while Malinda was on vacation.

If you haven’t seen our Social Quarters lately, stop by, we’ve been giving it a facelift. There’s still more to do, but it’s looking good so far. We’ll be moving some furniture around and making better use of space and continue to cut back on the electric bill. We swapped out the pool table with a couple tables and chairs in the Social Quarters. This way, we won’t have to open up the Hall, use the lights or heater for Sunday Breakfasts. We’ll also be looking at giving the Hall a facelift soon..

Financially, the Lodge is just squeaking by. But as long as the membership keeps supporting our fundraising efforts and attends the special events we put on, we’ll be okay. I’ve heard a few people say they can get a better deal somewhere else when it comes to meals. That’s probably true, but those “better deals” aren’t helping to keep our doors open, so that we can continue to provide you with activities to participate in and a place to socialize. The Lodge is no different than your household. You have to have so much money coming in to maintain it: gas, electric, water, food, etc. Have you ever imagined life without the Moose? The friendships you’ve developed, the activities you participate in, the safe place in which to come. The Moose is the greatest Fraternity on earth, so please support it.

Another way you can support your Lodge/Chapter, is by being an officer. We were set up with checks and balances, so that Lodges are run correctly and honestly. When there’s a lack of officers, duties double up and things begin to go wrong and quickly. Yes, being an officer requires you to come to meetings and that you perform certain duties. But think of the self-gratification you’ll have knowing that you’re helping make the Downey Moose Family Center a better place. And for those seeking the higher degrees, showing leadership is a part of it. If interested, just submit your written nomination form to any officer.

Finally, we received our first donation towards our property tax coming due in April. It was $75 from Brother Thomas Barclay. Thank you! Don’t forget, I’m matching all donations totaling up to $500. So send in those contributions now.

Ben Pendleton

There's no "I" in Team, but there is a "U" in Volunteers!
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