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Friday, January 5, 2018
With the coming purchase of the building, we’re wasting no time in our fundrais
ing efforts. We’ve created a Building Fund and to start things off, we’re having a
raffle. Please sell or purchase these tickets. Please contact the Lodge’s Administrator, Ben Pendleton or our Facebook Page @DowneyMooseLodge for tickets. Not only will these funds assist in making payments, but also be applied to the principle and paying off the note early. Thank you in advance for supporting your Lodge in this new venture.

Please make checks payable to: Downey Moose Lodge 663

Send to:
Downey Moose Lodge 663
12021 Garfield Ave
South Gate, CA 90280
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Brothers and Co-Workers,
Happy New Year all you Moose-keteers! I hope you all made being more active at the Downey Moose Lodge as a resolution. We have several fun events this month, so come down and join us; an International Dinner, Bingo and let’s not forget Margaret’s Green Cap Ceremony. And there will be even more in February.
Membership is the key to our survival, not only signing new members, but keeping those of you who are already members. Downey’s retention rate is currently in the low 60 percentile. It’s something that we really need to work on. For those of you who continue to pay your dues on a regular basis, THANK YOU!
The Board of Officers have some enticing membership campaigns starting up. Back in December, we started the Bull Moose for a Day campaign. Sign up a new/former member and receive a free drink everyday until someone else signs up one. For January only, we’ll be having a short-term campaign: Sign up a member and your name goes into a drawing. The winner will receive a pair of tickets for our Valentine’s Dinner/Dance or Mardi Gras Party; their choice. That’s a $24.00 value. The drawing will be January 31st. Look for other similar campaigns in the future.
In regards to the Lodge operation, we’re moving forward and upward. I’m happy to see the support of the membership, men and women. If the rate continues, I see Downey Moose Family Center as a thriving Lodge. If you would like to see us do something different, let us know. We’re always open to new ideas.
As for the purchase of the building, Governor Joe, Territorial Manager Chris Maher and I met with a commercial realtor, Linda Ethier (a member of the Buena Park Chapter), who’s volunteering her time to help us through the process. We also met with one of the owners of the building, Wally Seller (he’s a life member and former Marine. I hope he decides to put his picture and info on our Veterans Board). The owners are quite happy to see us moving forward in purchasing the building. A special thanks to Chris, Linda and the Sellers Family for making all this possible and to the Glendale Moose Lodge for approving to lend us the funds. On December 30th, we’ll be voting to accept the loan and purchase the building.
We’ll be having some special fundraisers throughout the years to keep this dream alive. So, look for raffle tickets in the mail soon. All proceeds will be going to the Building Fund.
In closing, I want to commend all of you who have been stepping up to help out around the Lodge. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, serving, assisting with raffles, bingo, etc., THANK YOU. And thank you to those who support us by buying 50/50 tickets, raffle tickets, meals and drinks. Every little bit is appreciated and welcome. I commend Governor Joe for working so hard on bringing us events and improving our meal menus. I want to send a special thanks to Malinda for keeping our books straight and our two bartenders who have been pitching in and cleaning around the Lodge. And finally, a BIG thank you to the Chapter, who has been very supportive of the Lodge.
Ben Pendleton
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